The Pilot

This Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project will undertake a series of pilot training projects in partner countries.

The Pilots will ensure that the learning materials will meet the requirements of both the green roof and solar industries. Both in terms of practical installation and professional understanding of the synergies at roof level between the provision of energy and biodiversity.


The Spanish partner in the team has conducted significant market research. This research revealed that there is little knowledge of the combined benefits of both technologies and sees this as an opportunity to create a niche industrial sector. 

swedish flag

In Sweden, our partners has strong contacts with a number of relevant educational institutions both in Sweden and Denmark. Also Malmö where our partner is based, is a city  at the forefront of embedding green roof technology as part of its drive to become a sustainable city. Across in Denmark, Copenhagen already has planning regulations that drive the wide scale adoption of green roof technology. 


In France our partner already delivers nationally accredited provision. This project will see them become part of a pan European approach to training and shall bring the ideas and implementations of the bipolar roof project to a wider audience, increasing awareness and demand for delivery within the country.


The UK, along with Switzerland, especially in London has been at the forefront of promoting green roofs and the provision of biodiversity, especially for invertebrates and pollinators. There has also been a drive over the last few years to increase the capacity of renewable energy provided. This includes Solar energy provision both at ground and roof level. However in general green roofs and solar panels on roofs are seen as a conflict. This project will not only provide a greater skills base within the construction sector but also increase awareness within the professions involved in the construction industry.

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Hungary is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe, where green roofs are becoming more prevalent. There is interest in ensuring that the issues of biodiversity and solar technology should be combined to provide a multi-beneficial solution at roof level. There is also an immediate need to advocate this approach across the professional bodies involved in the construction industry.


Switzerland has a mature green roof industry. It has been at the forefront of promoting biodiversity through this technology. It also has a mature Solar industry but there is a need to increase the skills base and professional understanding of the synergies between the two.


Likewise in Austria, there is a developed market for green roofs in several cities. However there is a need to increase the awareness of biodiversity at roof level and how such an approach can be a benefit, not a conflict with a burgeoning solar industry. Furthermore the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations is based in Vienna and will be able to disseminate the project throughout its member countries.