Sound Garden is the leader in green roof &urban biodiversity research/development in Eastern Europe. It was established in 2008 by realizing that green roofs, green facades & bio-diverse technologies are spreading quickly all around the World. Originally it was a well known market leader landscaping design & construction company from Budapest, Deep Forest participating in international co-operations like Leonardo TOI programs. From 2012 the decision was made by its management, that a separate entity will be responsible for R&D activities in the future, thus Sound Garden has become the official Hungarian partner of this new Leonardo TOI project.

Sound Garden has been involved in the last couple of years already in quite a few important & innovative projects in Hungary , including the contemporary restoration of the famous historical garden of the Castle of Gödöllő, the innovation, design & installation of the first biodiverse green roofs in Hungary at Alkotás Point & Green House Office.

This partner will IMPORT knowledge and help shape the VET delivery through operating a pilot and reporting back. This partner is well placed being a contractor who deliver green roof solutions and are well placed to advise on the needs of employers.