init environment

Init Environment was created in 2003 in order to develop employment in the field of Eco construction. For this purpose, they provide programs for vocational in the area of adult education and eco-building. Our institute is accredited by the institution of vocational education and employment:

Our training, named “Coordinator for energetic and healthy home renovation” is now one of the first VET diploma in France which is spread over the French territory. Our target is to keep our quality and leadership on technical issues to green building in training.

EXPORT ACTIVITY:  INIT's field-based knowledge about employment skills training & also the way we can translate this into VET training for a professional public. Contribute using the knowledge, know-how, skills and competencies transferable required for units/modules, leading to certification for different level of expertise and employment. A significant further role is a quality assurance role checking to that there is a balance between theory and practice in order to ensure effectiveness training for participants.