The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, the Alma Mater Viridis, sees itself as an education and research centre for renewable resources, which are a necessity for human life. With its wide range of areas of expertise it is the task of BOKU to contribute significantly to the protection of life resources for future generations. With a connection between natural sciences, engineering and economics, BOKU is trying to deepen the knowledge of an ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources in a cultivated landscape.

The Institute of Soil-Bioengineering and landscape construction is a member of the department of civil engineering and natural hazards. The mission of the institute lies in the development and investigation of resource saving sustainable technologies and usage of renewable and natural building materials to increase safety and quality of life as well as develop key technologies to climate change and the urban heat island effect for our future cities. The vegetation techniques research group (VT, Research Head: Univ. Ass. DI Dr. Ulrike PITHA) has through their projecs, research and networking in green building technologies gained a huge competence in remarkable future building technologies such as greenroofs and green facades as well as permeable pavements. The institute is the european leading expert in the research of microclimatic measurement of greened buildings (thermal performance, temperature and moisture household, emission and waterholding capacities, etc.) as well as new vegetation survey technologies such as digital coverage. The research group also focuses on the development and research of natural, indigene and biodiverse vegetation families as well as greening methods for the urban area. The Institute does a lot of national and interntional networking. For example it is an active member of the Austrian greenroof federation (VfB) and also part of the European federation greenroofs (EFB), member of the European Turfgass Society as well as Biotope City. It is also working very closely with the city government of Vienna. The current running project variety (29) of the institute includes national and international research and education fields as well as city cooperation projects, for example GreenUbanClimate, PROGreenCity, GreenActiveHouse, Green5cities etc. As an urgent future demand, the institute has identified a combined use of the roof space by the energy producing and roofgreening industry. The institute is also part of standards and reglementation building groups as well as education of horticulturists in Austria. The IBLB also runs university courses about greenroofing for the study of landscape planning and landscape architecture at BOKU.

The Team

The BioSolarRoof Team

The BioSolarRoof team comprises of 7 European partners from across the continent. It brings together academia, training organisations and institutions involved in promoting and researching green roofs and solar power in Europe.

The partners are