INIT’s Biosolar Roof Pilot Course


GENERAL context

  • Contexte: participate to ecological changements
  • Green roof and Biodiversity: furthermore, in France, currently installed green roofs are not suitable to the development of biodiversity.
  • Communication target: We choose to present this project by promoting the return of biodiversity, to stay in tune with the news, and to focus on a new vision of green roofs.

Our role, as an organiser of events and trainings in the field of ecological transition is to promote everything that can contribute to change practices in the construction sector.

Then in our communications, we have demonstrated the value of synergy between GR and energy production.

We share the calendar in two sections, so, after an introductory day with speakers who introduced the role of the city in biodiversity and its development prospects, the 3 following days were devoted to step by step training about the design of a Bio Solar roof.

Presentation day 1: Details the benefits of biodiversity in the town and the building

Stakeholders: 3 including an elected official of the Region, Nathalie Baumann, Pascale Coppin (environmental manager), Pierre Alexandre Swistek, Engineer of Le Prieuré (growing plants for green roofs and installation of green roofs).

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Days 3, 4 and 5:

Trainers Nathalie Baumann (Ecologue and university teacher, Switzerland) and Philippe Peiger (designer and installer of green roofs, Paris) develop the whole course.

The persons coming on day 1 as well as professionals registered for the all training have been quite focused and highly motivated.
Number of Participants:
- 32 people for the introduction, day 1
- 25 persons for the entire training period

-         Day 1: 2 elected officials, 2 environmental association officials, 1 companies federation head, 1 trainer, 1 speaker, 1 individual client, 16 constructions professionals, 5 professionals from vegetation sector, 2 traders.

-         Next day: Professions: professionals from construction industry: workers, engineers, architects: (16) Professionals from vegetation industry (5) Traders (2).

Teachers were highly experienced they were much appreciated. This was one of the success key of the course.

The topic:
- Biodiversity: approaching green roofs raising ecosystem/biodiversity issue is 
paradoxically new. The ecosystems consideration, his role and the connection with climate change and consequently the changes that must be followed are very rallying and mobilizing.

- The combination with photovoltaics: in France, interest in the photovoltaic diminished considerably. Yet the combination green roof/PV still interest the media and trainees really want to know more about it.

Pilot and contents:
The evaluation results show how much the results are positive. The experience and knowledge of the team members generate contents and documents with an exceptional quality.
It is interesting to point the topics that students would have liked to go deeper. It concerns unit outside the vegetation:
- waterproof system
- PV energy (in order to promote it better)
Those needs are mostly due to the development of versatility and importance of a holistic view in construction sector at least. The overall management vision in a project is getting more important than juxtaposed skills so we can see the development of “coordinator” job. Taking account of this type of competence is important since it is a new process and since the target rather concerns small companies (crafts and liberal professions)
The experience:
The experience was perfect overall thanks to the team deep competence in building this pilot.
Thanks to the teachers, the public, everything matched.

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