Pannonian Park - Biod

The Budapest Zoo area was not quite 11 acres from the 1950s until now. This area is almost 18 hectares now with the takeover of the former amusement park's territory.

The Zoo worked for a medium-term program for the development of the areas received Amusement Park. The main feature of this program is the Pannonian Park, which part is an extensive subtropical hall, the Biod too.

Biodiverse green roofs in BUDAPEST

The biodiverse green roof constructions are on the rampage in Germany, England and Switzerland, while the domestic experts have started to get acquainted with this type of green roof in the last few years.
The first hungarian biodiverse green roof was built in 2012 , on the top of an office building (Alkotás Point) in Budapest. One could say that this is an experimental roof, because we can’t use the swiss and german standards due the hungarian extreme environmental conditions, so we need to create our special technologies . The aim of our project is to change the typical extensive monoculture Sedum green roofs for a diverse perennial plantation. In terms of plant use the basic idea is: using domestic and rock steppes species.

Exemplary green roof projects

The end of the ‘90s - the hungarian green building solutions are still in its infancy, but already started the world revolution in order the plant get place in the city. In 1999 some architects, insulation, gardener and teacher formed the ZÉOSZ, the Hungarian Association of Green Roof Builders. The small team has been undiminished represent the case. 15 years of existence, we wanted to show our past in a celebration, and show the way for the future! We are proudly announce that after 11 years we are organizing again the green roofs and green walls of the Year 2014 competition, allowing the designer, contractor, maintainer, owner to demonstrate their domestic work.