Biodiverse and charming places in Yunquera

A pinsapar is a forest of firs. A Spanish fir (Abies pinsapo) is a beautiful tree, but actually endangered. Fortunately, there are still places where you can find them, but only in Andalusia and Morocco, presenting in both continents different characteristics. It's a kind of southern pine, of soft wood of not very good quality. It is said that it was used for the masts of the ill-fated Spanish Armada that sailed so successfully 500 years ago.

A short Story: The Ecosystem of the “Montes de Málaga” National Park

The history of the Montes of Málaga Natural Park of is a very short one; it is a very young Natural Park, which that began to run on 13 September 1930, to avoid the floods Málaga had been suffering for centuries. The work was performed under the direction of Forest Engineer José Martínez-Falero and Arregui, as a tribute to him a viewpoint was built, located in what was the country estate of Melgarejas. The Montes de Málaga Natural Park was declared as such in the Law 2/89 of July 18th (BOJA no 60, of July 27th, 1989).