Bees in Sweden – more than just honey

One of Sweden´s Environmental Objectives is a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Looking at the situation today, this Objective will not be reached to 2020. The reasons why none of the counties in Sweden reaches this objective varies, but exploitation, habitat fragmentation and unsustainable forestry are factors that contribute to a poor diversity of flora and fauna.

The Swedish Species Information Centreis an important link between researches, nature conservationists and the public. Their focal point is to collect and spread information about the state of biodiversity and threatened species in Sweden. In April this year, they will release the national Red List 2015 which is revised each 5th year. One can only hope that it will not be a too grave reading.

Bumblebee blogpost picture

Within the order Hymenoptera it is in particularly the bees that are in danger. 36 % of Sweden´s existing bee species are appearing on the Red List. This is partly due to agricultural intensification which decreases the abundance of food resources for bees. Wild pollinators are very important for crop production – more effective than what was recently believed – and honey bees cannot replace them. As a private person you can create a much more interesting garden or balcony in order to support our solitary bees. You’ll find inspiration and tips here (in Swedish).


In Helsingborg City, the project Insect Hotel 2015 - project to support biodiversityis starting this year. The aim is to increase the ecological value of schoolyards by installing insect hotels. Teachers are welcome to nominate their schools before the 13th of February. School classes are also welcomed to participate and compete in the Swedish Master of Birdhouses 2015during the Nordic Garden show. But why not introduce a Swedish Master in Insect hotel? In Scandinavia, Bumblebees (which is indeed a bee) are one of our most important pollinator. The tree bumblebee is one bee specie that build its nest in for example bird boxes, so why not construct bumblebee nest boxto put in your garden, your allotment or on a green roof?