Green roofs in Sweden – what is new?

The green roof development in Sweden the last years have gone from sedum blanket roofs to biodiverse green roofs which offers more benefits than thin sedum roofs. Malmö has long been the leading city in Sweden when it comes to roof greening and green infrastructure in general. Several of the quite recently installed biotope roofs in Malmö was part of a national VINNOVA-project called BiodiverCity. Cases were developed within the project and the aim has been to increase the city’s biological diversity and to enhance ecosystem services in the urban environment. Seven unique biotope roofs with different habitats – dry meadow, brownfields, shore meadow amongst others - where installed in Malmö.

BiodiverCity green roof

Green areas up on the roof scape that offers recreation and urban farming possibilities are also becoming more popular. To be able to grow your own food close to your apartment is something that the consumer values very much, shows statistics from Mäklarsamfundet. The first municipality in Sweden that have announced a policy about urban farmingis Sundbyberg stad. Sundbyberg is the smallest and fastest growing municipality in Sweden. Therefore it is very positive that the politicians of Sundbyberg have set up a policy on green infrastructure – for the benefits of the residents and the urban biodiversity.

Köksträdgården kitchen garden

One interesting project that are currently being built is the “green” residential building Greenhousethat is owned by Malmö municipality housing company MKB. The tenants of Greenhouse will be given farming opportunities both on the large balconies and on the intensive green roof. The intensive green roof garden will be surrounded by fruit trees, berry bushes and other plants that offer food and nectar for pollinating insects.

And to secure the quality of tomorrow’s roof gardens and green roofs, a national project have started where researchers, public sector and building sector have come together to create guidelines for roof greening. The positive outcomes of the VINNOVA-projectbeside a national guideline are many, for example the increased knowledge on green roof.