Biodiversity: The province of Málaga


Despite being the Andalusian province with less extension, Malaga is the one that has more protected areas thanks to its varied terrain and wide biodiversity. Within the Province animals and plants species that are scarce elsewhere can be observed, such as the Spanish fir or the pink flamingo. Given the above, it would not hurt to visit the most important ecological enclaves of the Malaga territory.

Thus, the first stop is the Natural Park of the Sierra de las Nieves, inhabited by the aforementioned Spanish fir, spruce kind of unique in the world. There are several hiking trails that allow the traveler to get close to some of these animals and plants without much effort and enjoy the large existing biodiversity. Indeed, in the Sierra de las Nieves you can see some of the specimens of ibex, which usually also concentrate in other mountainous areas. It has to be said; sometimes you have to do some hiking of some difficulty to observe them. It is more difficult to spot other native mammals, but going along the trails silently you can never discard seeing common but elusive species, such as the wild boar, the fox, the hare or the rabbit.


Sierra de las Nieves

At some points in the Genal Valley and other parts of the Serrania de Ronda, there are people who can claim to have seen several specimens of deer. Others even claim that they have observed the movements of the common otter. The truth is that the variety of mammals that exist in these and other areas of the province is vast. Simply go to other protected areas such as the Montes de Málaga, the Royal Sierra Bermeja and the Alcornocales to see up close some of these animals. There are other places that have no ecological protection, but have an interesting mammalian fauna, such as the areas of Alhaurin de la Torre and Sierra de las Cabras.

Vultures and other birds of interest

It is easier, although you have to travel further, to see the many birds that fly over the province. As an example of the biodiversity of the province we have the griffon vulture, which many have come to see in their own enclaves like the Torcal de Antequera, Gorge Gaintanes or Buitreras del Guadiaro. In towns like Cañete La Real there is a trough where people can see these animals more comfortably, although it is not advisable to get close or to disturb them too much. In many parts of the province, you can see raptors of various kinds, from the eagle to the peregrine falcon, hawk or kestrel.


Griffon Vulture

Another chapter is well deserved by birds that can be spotted in the wetlands and the estuaries of the Malaga province. Among these is the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, known for hosting each year a colony of thousands of animals of this migratory bird. Every summer there is a ringing of the chicks, to which often dozens of volunteers turn up. To see them, you simply approach the perimeter of the wet area easily accessible by car. It is advisable to follow a route on foot or by bike around to appreciate not only the pink flamingo but other species of this bird, like egrets, ducks, stilts and sandpipers among other .