Exemplary green roof projects

The end of the ‘90s - the hungarian green building solutions are still in its infancy, but already started the world revolution in order the plant get place in the city. In 1999 some architects, insulation, gardener and teacher formed the ZÉOSZ, the Hungarian Association of Green Roof Builders. The small team has been undiminished represent the case. 15 years of existence, we wanted to show our past in a celebration, and show the way for the future! We are proudly announce that after 11 years we are organizing again the green roofs and green walls of the Year 2014 competition, allowing the designer, contractor, maintainer, owner to demonstrate their domestic work.

Competition 2014

"The green roofs and green walls of the Year 2014 'competition


25 entries were submitted for the competition. The professional jury had a hard time. They had to rule very different technical work and individual solutions. We had the opportunity to see a number of different solutions: from the few square meters of green roofed building to the green roofs with solar panels.

We can say in general about the works: Upmarket details, excellent use of construction materials, well-chosen crops; highlighted in several places in the urban landscape.

Nature lawn on greenroof

The winner green roof of extensive category: Nature lawn on the roof

The first prize in the extensive green roof category went to a semi-natural grassland green roof. The eco-house and its garden is in Budapest county, Vácrátót. The owners formulated various principles in relation to the practical implementation and roof maintenance. It was important that the substrate can be home-made and the topsoil which take out from the house construction should be used. The vegetation vegetation is similar as much as possible to the neighborhood associations of native grasslands as much as possible and don’t use non-native plant species and exotic succulents. The greenroof, which has built in the first phase, typically down-rounded, sloping gently in all directions, 20-25cm thick substrate. The green roof was inspired by the dry grasslands roof which was mixed grass-seed mixture. The characteristic species are fescue. In the second phase they can make a result of the first phase. In the second phase it was possible to consider the result of the first phase. The result of the second phase of development is significantly better. Concluded from the experience with the green roofs we could say that it is possible to create mostly environmental friendly green roof which is well integrated to our landscape with native species, good coverages and with low maintaining even in home made ways!

We met with innovative ideas and exemplary contemporary works of art, where garden-architectural details are clearly stated and construction also resolved high quality. The world's expectations, trends also appear: use of green roof and solar panels on the roof, or a green roof on a hospital building, which helps in the patient's recovery.

Siemens extensive greenroof

Siemens AG. Extensivegreen roof with PV panels

No one should think that, these novel solutions are curiosity in Hungary: we can find more than 1 million square meter green roofs and roof gardens in Budapest. In addition, several of these are now held as a masterpiece in the European level too. To create green roof and green wall is both an art, urban ecology and serious engineering performance.