Pannonian Park - Biod

The Budapest Zoo area was not quite 11 acres from the 1950s until now. This area is almost 18 hectares now with the takeover of the former amusement park's territory.

The Zoo worked for a medium-term program for the development of the areas received Amusement Park. The main feature of this program is the Pannonian Park, which part is an extensive subtropical hall, the Biod too.


The Pannonian Park trying to remember the past wildlife of the Carpathian Pannonian Basin. Millions years ago our country's climate was much warmer than today, and it has a very different kind of wildlife as it is today. Pannon Park's central building is a Biod. Rich vegetation and rich fauna would wait for visitors in the large, huge hall. Modern aquarium and spacious runner would connect to the Biodome. The Biod's outside is a grassy hill.

biodome02 biodome01

In that case, if everything will be luckily and everything is available for the implementation, than these plans will be come true within 5 years.