How cultivate roofs with nature and energy

Twenty trainees met on Monday the 4th of May in the City Hall of Blois, then in the House of employment hall of Romorantin to learn BioSolaRoof construction. This training was proposed to builders and landscape professionals during four days. This course was the first one to be implemented in France.

Nathalie Baumann, urban ecologist specialized in design and construction of Biosolarroof, came especially from Switzerland to deliver the course during 3 days. She is an expert in the field of Biodiverse roof.


Réalisation Nathalie Baumann à Lausanne: Toit Biodiversifiée et panneaux solaires

While Philippe Peiger, greenroofer based in Paris, came to teach technical aspects and policies

                            biodiverse2                   biodiverse3

Photo 1 : réalisation sur les toits de La Recyclerie à Paris

Photo 2 : réalisation de l'automne dernier dans le Nord à la frontière belge sur une clinique vétérinaire

Victor Nivet, landscaper at Cour-Cheverny since four years, was very interested in this course and he is immediately enthusiastic to follow the course as soon as he heard about it. He thinks that there's a great opportunity to provide new services to his customers.
"With the new biodiversity french law, I think that companies have to undertake new projects". This law should force to new shopping centers to be equipped with renewable energy or green roofs.

"I make green roofs, but I realize now that I miss the main knowledge", said Gabriel Martinez, one of the trainees, which drives from Jura 800km to follow the training. He's a house straw builder and he was seeking for technical and regulation knowledge to create biodiverse roof, which may persist over the time and with little maintenance.

Olivier Vaux, gardener in Dordogne, emphases that the advantages of those green roofs are numerous:" low carbon, usage of "lost ground surfaces" , air cleaning , thermal benefits, contribution to green corridors in cities ... "For him, there's no doubt:" The trend of green roofs is growing a lot. Up to us to go forward!