Green roofs in Sweden – what is new?

The green roof development in Sweden the last years have gone from sedum blanket roofs to biodiverse green roofs which offers more benefits than thin sedum roofs. Malmö has long been the leading city in Sweden when it comes to roof greening and green infrastructure in general. Several of the quite recently installed biotope roofs in Malmö was part of a national VINNOVA-project called BiodiverCity. Cases were developed within the project and the aim has been to increase the city’s biological diversity and to enhance ecosystem services in the urban environment. Seven unique biotope roofs with different habitats – dry meadow, brownfields, shore meadow amongst others - where installed in Malmö.

Solar Energy – trends and smart solutions in Sweden

A recently made survey by Solar Region Skåne shows that in Skåne there are 481 solar power plants on-grid which in total produce 6.0 MW Energy. The solar energy production in Sweden are low but the production is increasing. For instance, Vä reports that the Diocese of Växjö, Sweden will investigate how many of the buildings owned by the Church of Sweden that are suitable for Solar panel installation. In April the SOM-institute in Sweden published their survey ‘Public opinion on different energy sources 1999-2013’ (available in Swedish) showing that 81 % of the respondent wish to have more solar energy production. In second and third place came wind and wave power. Solar energy is the most popular energy source amongst the respondents in another survey conducted by Svensk Fastighetsförmedling in 2014. 64 % want renewable energy from solar power followed by wind power. 50 % of the respondents wish to be self-sufficient of electricity and only 1 % want fossil-fuel as an energy source for their private homes in the future.